Dec 26, 2019

Home in Embudo Station on the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico is under construction. As of Dec, Foundation and Floor Deck are complete. The Roof Structural Plan is complex due to bend in plan and interface of Timber Truss’s and 2x Engineered Truss’s. I will post photos of construction as it progresses.


Habitat for Humanity of Taos Admin. Offices is complete and occupied:(below)






Artist Ana Macarthur’s  Pollinator Concentrator construction, actual installation to be at the Taos Land Trust (below): Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Parabolic shell ( built in 4 pieces)


The Lama Dargah is done!



Lama Dargah Skylight



Below is a blueprint of the structural wall section for Kelly’s Earthbag house that Kenny Quinn is going to both build and do a building workshop here in Taos. I submitted to the Taos County Building yesterday and look forward to seeing how they process this. I can think of a few things to add to the drawing if there are any questions. I am posting this in case anyone is interested in details for Earthbag homes and affordable housing solutions in general.Kelly's Final revisions





“Tiny Houses are really popular in the press and online. How about “Tiny Restaurants”

Louise Desmarais built one in Taos and we were excited to participate in this seemingly simple project that ultimately was way complex to execute. Have a bite of food inspired by  Louise’s travels and ask her about the project. This is another of the many collaborations between Mark Goldman and Ned Cherry R. A. of Albuquerque. He was a mentor in the truest sense & taught me much of what I know about the profession of Architecture.



Above, and below is the Dargah project in process, Summer 2017. Construction started 2 summers ago for this unique temple, engineered to last 500 years. It will be open to the public later this year.

Dargah -BEAMSrc gorman

May 17, 2017:

Below is an image of the columns and corbels of a summer 2017 project I am involved with 30 minutes north of Taos. Starting to come together.  Timber framers are on site and making great progress.


Dargah -corbel

Wrapping up another semester at UNM Taos. I will post some images of work done this recent Spring semester by my students.





(above) Adobe brick test samples for texture and color

May 15, 2017


Today I ordered the coffee mugs with my logo on them. Does it get any better than that? I plan to use this section to show both my projects, and existing buildings that I like.

below is an image of my students, Keaton and Aryanna presenting at Pecha Kucha (the next generation) at the TCA, May 11, 2017. I was proud to see their progress displayed





Adobe class UNM Taos 2017 – Instructor- Mark Goldman R.A.







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