Registered Architect, Carpenter, Mason, Builder and Chairman of the UNM Taos Construction Technology Dept., Member of EarthBuilders Guild, Distinguished Alumni 2004 of the Boston Architectural College.

We are NCARB Certified which means that we have reciprocity with all 50 states in the U.S.A. (including Guam and American Samoa!) We can consult and design at any scale.  A quick cup of coffee can usually let us know if we can collaborate. We are fully able to do any scale project however please know that we also are more than happy to consult on technical and legal issues on small residential projects that may be beyond the scope of yourself or project team.

Below is a couple of photos of the local Habitat for Humanity Administrative Offices that we both designed and were the contractor of record. Pratik Zaveri from Gujarat, India and Ned Cherry were key.

habitat sign taos

We have experience with the non-profit sector and have built  capacity to assist   with our unique base of knowledge in this project area.